CREST Coatings specialises in the specification of high performance protective coating systems throughout Australia and Southern Pacific regions. We are dedicated to providing a professional and knowledgeable service to our many clients requiring protective solutions to the long term preservation of infrastructure. CREST only promote world class products backed by world class technology, under well respected global brands. Nothing promotes CREST Coatings better than the way our products are translated as global benchmarks within our industry sectors. We pride ourselves on selecting the most proven and tested technologies available, backed by strong support networks and technical expertise. Our people have extensive experience from many years in the specialized, performance coating industry. We are passionate in collaborating with customers to provide superior and innovative protective solutions, offering a diverse and comprehensive spread of product solutions, for both new infrastructure and repair of existing infrastructure.

CORMIX International

Cormix provides high quality solutions supported by sound technical service. The success of Cormix products is demonstrated by the large number of prestigious projects in which they have been used. These cover public and private sector projects including airports, railway systems, subways, dams, power plants, potable and waste water plants, tunnels, ports, highways, industrial structures and numerous buildings.

CORMIX Learning Curve


Cormix has taken crystalline technology and combined it with water repellent pore blocking know hot to form an all embracing waterproofer which is hydrophobic, hydrophilic and hygroscopic.  This technology is backed with a 20 YEAR WARRANTY.