Polyken (Butyl)


​Polyken® tape coating systems provide proven long term corrosion prevention utilizing cold-applied and fused tape coatings. These coating systems can be applied in plant and in field installations that meet current global standards. For more than 55 years, the Polyken® tape coating systems have been utilized to protect pipelines against corrosion in various climates and environments around the world.

​Polyken® consists of a wide range of tape coating systems that meet the rigorous demands of on-land and off-shore pipelines. Polyken® coating systems utilize expertly engineered high tensile polyolefin backings formulated for resistance to water absorption and soil stress. Polyken®’s proprietary cross-linked butyl-alloy adhesives are specially formulated for high bond strength, high shear resistance and long term stability. Polyken®’s anti-corrosion pipeline coating system is known and documented to provide long term anti-corrosion protection to steel pipelines.

​Polyken® plant coating systems

The SYNERGY Coating system is a thermally fused, multi layer, plant applied coating system. During application, the two or three layers are fused resulting in strong mechanical and chemical bonds that maximize performance. The fusing process generates mechanical toughness through the use of butyl elastomeric adhesives and provides superior anticorrosion properties that ensure long-term pipeline protection. The Synergy coating system is utilized in Oil, Gas, and Water Pipeline applications.

​The Polyken YGIII system is a cold-applied, multi-layer coating system used primarily for the protection of steel and ductile iron water pipelines. The Polyken YGIII coating system is a globally utilized and proven mainline coating system.

​Polyken® on-site coating systems

Seal For Life Industries offers a series of coating systems designed specifically for in-field applications on new construction or reconditioning of existing pipelines. In-field or on-site installation is economical and efficient. When Polyken® cold applied coating systems are used, a small investment in manpower and application equipment yields a big return in productivity and long-term performance. The reconditioning systems can be applied on existing operating pipelines, which means no loss of revenue and downtime. Polyken® non-toxic and environmentally safe materials ensure application friendly conditions along the right-of-way (ROW). Polyken® coating systems can be field applied as a corrosion prevention coating in the oil, gas, and water markets with operating temperatures up to 120°C (250°F). These applications include mainline coatings, girth welds, bends, tees and odd shapes.

The Polyken Double Faced Tape coating system is EN 12068 approved and is used for field joint coatings (FJC) and for reconditioning of pipelines. This DVGW certified coating system has 22 years of proven in-ground service performance.


Polyken Features:

  • 55+ years of proven in service performance
  • Long term adherence even in moist conditions
  • Low cathodic protection requirements
  • Better adhesion – cohesive separation
  • Anti-microbial adhesive

  • Resistance to UV aging
  • Flexible at low temperature
  • Good flow characteristics
  • Resists soil stress
  • Hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability

  • Vertically integrated manufacturing
  • Resists degradation in presence of CP
  • Delamination resistance